Beauty at Longwood Gardens

27 11 2017

Whenever we’re in this part of Pennsylvania we pay a visit to Longwood Gardens. This time the designers decorated the halls and conservatories for the holidays for “A Longwood Christmas.”

We went in the afternoon and imagined how lovely it is at nighttime with the Christmas lights. No matter what the season, it is always a treat to see. Here’s my album.

Floating green apples and red cranberries for a design

Green apples and walnuts afloat in water

Close up of Christmas tree made of succulents

Phalaenopsis orchids cover this tree

Close up of the orchid tree

Amaryllis buds

Glass ornaments made by children

Merry Christmas


Life along a river

25 11 2017

Our journey brings us to the Chesapeake Bay/Severn River/Herald Harbor neighborhood. A morning walk with Poe and his master Dave revealed weekend homes along the river for the affluent and streets named after trees. The crisp air and red-leafed maple trees are sure reminders that we are not in Hawaii. Take a look at these beautiful views.

Thanksgiving Day 2017

23 11 2017

Holiday bouquets for you! This year we are in Pennsylvania visiting our sister Penny and her family. We’ll return to Oahu next week. All of us from the studio wish you a warm Thanksgiving of love, health, and happiness. ~ Rebekah

Fascinating autumn

18 11 2017

Autumn on the continent is a novelty for me from Hawaii. On a walk around the block in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, this morning we detoured down a path to the creek. Some of nature’s colors remain before winter comes.

Now we are back home where Kelly is making cabbage soup and I am baking desserts for watching the Penn State vs. Nebraska game on TV. Family of seven will be congregating.

NYC fashion, museums, music

14 11 2017

The colors of New York are black and bling, except when it’s raining. Then out pops an array of umbrellas, as colorful as the corner flower stands and fruit wagons.

I find the street scene more liberating than the museum scene (apologies for odd segue).

My hubby Pete likes to go to museums, and after a few minutes I often say, “I’ll meet you in the museum gift shop.”

The Museum of Modern Art a few steps across the street from our hotel was far too crowded for me to see the exhibits at leisure or at all.

They all want to see “The Starry Night” painted by Vincent Van Gogh

The 9/11 Museum guided tour at the World Trade Center—although excellently designed, informative, and emotionally moving—left me so sad. I wondered how our tour guide could deliver all the terrible information day after day. I supposed that when the events of September 11, 2001, occurred, she was too young to have fully understood or be affected by the news.

The names of the deceased are engraved around the pools where the towers stood.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” A quote from Virgil amidst a sea of blue tiles each representing a person who died on Sept. 11, 2001, when the twin towers collapsed from terrorist acts.

Luckily we found some very cool music for a change in mood at the Iridium jazz club at 1650 Broadway between West 50th and 51st streets. The Ed Palermo Big Band had its CD release party. It was jazz. It was rock’n’roll. It was oldies. It was loud. It was great.

Big band playing tight. Wow!


Free time in New York

13 11 2017

Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue with holiday window trimmings

Oh, the choices! We walked down 5th Avenue, 4.9 miles from 54th to 14th Street in Manhattan. We strolled High Line Park above vehicular traffic to the Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking District. Met a cool-looking dog, ate pizza, and took the subway train back to “home.”

Evergreens point to Rockefeller Center

Finally, the ice skating rink is ready

On the High Line, a former elevated railway turned into a green park

Interesting architecture

This building caught my eye from the High Line, too

Art pieces juxtaposed with railroad ties

Urban walkers

An effort to add greenery to the city

Skyline from the High Line

More views

Looking down from the High Line

Sun bathing. Brrr …

Meeting Massimo, a St. Bernard and poodle mix. Omg

Pizza pizza at Serafina’s

I ❤️New York

11 11 2017

I’m schlepping around New York City with a group led by Diamond Head Theatre’s John Rampage and Deena Dray to see Broadway musicals like “Hello, Dolly.”

Gosh, I love the lights of the big city. Anything you want you can get here, it seems. And the advice I’ve given myself is, relax, be selective as far as visitor attractions go, dress warmly for the 30-degeee F. November weather, and walk everywhere.

Yesterday, though, we took a private bus tour with the gang to become oriented. At nighttime we went to “Hello, Dolly.” That Bette Midler–what a star!

This morning Pete and I took a behind-the-scenes tour of NBC Studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. After a nap we’ll go over to the Museum on Modern Art across the street from our hotel, and tonight we take in “The Play that Goes Wrong.”

Here I post some images and impressions of the first 48 hours.

Painting at Remi Restaurant

Meringata con Crema e Frutti do Bosch Marinati Allard Salsa di Lamponi (a deconstructed macaroon from Remi restaurant)

Breakfast at Astro. That’s creamy yogurt.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Cathedral pipe organ

John Rampage of Diamond Head Theatre and Zora, our local NYC guide. She was good!

In the shop window is a model of Rockefeller Center built with LEGOs.

Smoothing the ice at the skating rink


Building the platform for the gigantic Christmas tree


“Make Time For Joy” show with the famous Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall

LOVE sculpture. There is another one that spells HOPE.

Bus-window view of Central Park

Ad atop a yellow cab

Mike and Pete at the Flat Iron building

NYC street scene

Another street scene

Flat Iron building

Landscaping with cabbages

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place stairs

Brookfield Place stairs, looking down

Looking out from in

Dessert sampler before the show

Me and Pete at the show. So wonderful!

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